Summer Time - Part 2


Summers may now be my second favorite season (sorry but Fall will always hold 1st place in my heart) with my teacher hubby-to-be having tow solid months off to adventure! This Summer we took a road trip to Nashville, TN for a week in early July.... can you say H O T !!!! My goodness I thought Florida summers were hot for those 26 year of my life, but with no gulf breeze trying to cool me down Nashville's city heat was killer, so it as a good thing there were plenty of fun spots to stop in & cool down with a cold drink.  

Our first stop was walking down Honky Tonk Blvd with live music blasting out of every funky bar in between the beautiful historical buildings. After walking stopping in a bar for a drink we went to visit the Johnny Cash Museum which Cam surprised me with and I loved every second of it! 

if you have to pink once spot to eat in all of Nashville I'd say you MUST stop at Flipside on 12th Ave, lets just say everything about this spot is Instagram worthy, from the bar, the walls, to the food & drinks, even the bathroom is oh so worthy! 

One of the main reasons I was so excited to explore Nashville was for the amazing wall murals I was seeing all over Pinterest {all the heart eyes} because clearly I'm a fan of art walls, especially after Cam proposed in front of one of our favorite walls in ATL. Here are a few of our favorite wall murals that we visited in Nashville. 

1. Draper James Stripes in 12 South

2. I Believe in Nashville sign by DCXV Industries- Marathon Music Works, Riverside Village on the side of Mitchell’s Deli, & 12 South right next to Edley’s and Draper James

3. TN beer located on the side of PIRANHAS - "Nashville's Party Bar" 

4. Nashville rainbow mural located on 2705 12th Ave. S 

5. The Greatest Love Story This Town Has Ever Seen by NERS Neonlumberjack located on the side of Flipside on 12th Ave

6. Flowers mural located on 2900 12th Ave. S (the side of Green Pea Salon)

7. Local Nashville artists Nathan Brown and Chris Zidek painted this mural at the corner of Overton and Mansion Street, across from Barista Parlor 

8. Nashville What Lifts You mural by Kelsey Montague on 11th Avenue South (near Biscuit Love/behind Taziki’s)


There were so many more wall murals that we passed by but couldn't stop for a photo or that we just were able to visit, maybe next time :) 

They say Nashville is music city but it might soon take the title of wall mural city soon enough! Comment with which wall is your favorite, I would love to hear it!