10 Easy Product Photography Tips


When they say 'a picture is worth a thousand words' than what is your product photography saying to your customers? If you're unclear of what your photos are saying, than hopefully these tips will help you! Oh and don't worry at all if you don't have a fancy camera, you can take great photos from your iPhone or Android phone. 

1. USE NATURAL LIGHT - natural light is the best way to instantly improve your product photos, with a set up kinda like this (photo below)

                                                     source: Gimmesomeoven.com

                                                     source: Gimmesomeoven.com

            source: byourownblog.blogspot.com

            source: byourownblog.blogspot.com


Can't always photography your items in natural light? Than use a light box - which you can even make yourself like HERE or purchase one like THIS ONE - the key is to diffuse the light for a softer yet brighter look. Light tents helps it minimize shadows while also enhancing the colors in the product. 

2. USE BACKGROUNDS - don't just photography on the floor, use a backdrop or background can really improve the quality of your photo AND your product. I personally love using colorful art paper from BLINK - HERE with 20 different colors to choose from there are sure to be colors to match your branding. I also use white boards from the Dollar Tree as a reflector or backboard. 

First photo is of the art paper - other photos are examples of my products with the art paper. 

3. USE CRISP PHOTOS - make sure the photos are clean & crisp, especially around the actual product itself.  

4. LIGHT AND BRIGHT - try to stay awake from dark colors or backgrounds. Light colored background are more attractive to the eye and leaves the product to pop out more.

5. USE MODELS - when it comes to selling clothes, jewelry, baby items, or pet items it is always good to use a model so customers can get a better item of how it will look on. Now even if you are a solo shop owner that doesn't mean you can get these photos, you can always ask freinds to model or use a self timer to photography items on you. 

     here is a snap of myself with my camera timer. 

     here is a snap of myself with my camera timer. 

6. AVOID FILTERS - edit by hand per photo, if you are editing from your phone here are some great apps: Snapseed, A Color Story, and Lightroom (all free)

7. USE A TRIPOD - using a tripod can help with self-timer photos, stabilizing for crisp photos, and great to get your shadows out for flat lays. Even if you are using a smartphone you can still use a tripod like this one for better photos. Also here is one for both your camera AND smartphone.

8. AVOID - try to avoid text or boarders on photos - they are distracting and just not necessary for selling the product.

9. USE ALL THE PHOTO SLOTS - if your selling on Etsy, Amazon, Ebay, or your own website it is best to use as many photos as you can so the customers can realky see the product in many angles and different setups. 

10 FIT YOUR STYLE AND STICK WITH IT - this one might be the most important because this is were you implement your branding, so customers can recognize your products from search pages. 


Hope these tips help you feel more confident with taking your own product photos and capturing your brand!




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