Whiteboard Vinyl Fridge Shopping List

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Summer is almost over, so that means it's back to the daily hustle for the teach/coach of the house {my husband} and getting back into a daily routine... which also means meal planning and checking off the honey to-do list and what better place to remind your husband to do something than the fridge, am I right? ;) 

There's so many great ways to use whiteboard vinyl but for our house I thought the best way to use it would be for a shopping list on the fridge as we run out of groceries. Also to use for a honey to-do list or to leave inspirational quotes to kick start the day.  


So here's a peek of what comes in the box from Kassa:

- Whiteboard contact paper

- 3 dry erase markers

- cloth eraser 


I used these cut design files to use for my fridge, which you can save for yourself to use or if you would like the decals already done for you (that you just have to apply to the fridge) than you can purchase them HERE

Once you upload these designs you can size them how you would like for your fridge. The contact paper backing has graph lines, so it makes it very easy to measure & cut. 


After you cut the designs, you take it off your cutting mat, apply transfer tape over the design, take them to the fridge before you peel the backing off. I started with just a corner peeled back to apply onto the fridge and slowly peeled back more as I rubbed the surface to make sure there were no air bubbles.


Once you peel off the transfer tape you can rub the surface for any little air bubbles that did happen and then you are ready to write away on your new whitebaords. 


This really does help us remember any important things we have that week and helps us know what we need before we are headed to the store. 


whiteboard blog.jpg