5 Things I've Learned From My 1st Year Selling On Etsy!

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Let me guess, you have a craft but second guess your talent and don't know where to begin when people say you should sell on Etsy. Well you want to know my wise advise... JUST START BECAUSE YOU ARE ENOUGH (and get 40 FREE listings below while you are at it)! But don't worry I was just like you before I opened my shop, did a lot of research beforehand, however you truly do learn what works best for you, your shop, and your customers most importantly from that experience. You can make all the excuses in the world on how you are not ready, not as good as the other sellers, or that no one will buy your work, BUT I am here to tell you that you are WRONG! If you love your craft and market correctly to your audience you WILL make sales! So here are a few tips from what I've learned from my first year selling on Etsy. 

1. Know your ideal client!

Now your ideal client isn't your best friend or sister, they are the people that will gravitate to your products, the person who stops scrolling when they see your item and cant help but click to see more (and hopefully ADD TO CART while they are at it) THAT is your ideal client. Once you know your ideal client, write down 5 factors about them that stands out, so you will have a better reference when it comes to making new products and branding your shop. Making a mood board for that your brand and your ideal client vibes can really help while creating your products. 

2. Photos are everything!

Natural light is a must, so windows will become your best friend. Poster board paper or creative backgrounds, such as large tiles, can step the level  of your photo and product. Next try to display the products in a "real life" visual to attract the  customers eye, which will help the imagine how they can use the products themselves in their daily life. I normally use my Canon 70D and edit with photoshop, however if I take them with my iPhone i'll always edit with A Color Story app which is LIFESAVING for all my photos! 

3. Give em the dets!

When writing the item description you should make sure to explain in full detail the sizing, how its made, how to use & clean, and your shop return policy on EVERY single listing. To save yourself some time, use google drive to file your listing descriptions for each type of item your shop offers to just copy and paste when creating a new listing (edit if needed per listing). This provides not only a quick and easy set up for new items but also a uniformity listing for your whole shop.  

4. Oh ship!

Normally free shipping gets everyone to hit that hot ADD TO CART button without even thinking, but free shipping isn't always possible for us handmade shop owners (because hello that adds up QUICKLY and we are here to make a profit off our work not pay for it ourselves). So my rule of thumb is nothing more than $5 for shipping, now I know that is not always possible so hear me out... if your shipping is over $5 than add your shipping overage to the your item price. 

Example: you are selling a wooden sign for $15, shipping cost $10, for a total of $25. (customers will belittle the sign value and feel their money is going to waste on shipping). Now if you make your sign price $20 with $5 shipping, for a total of $25, which leaves the customer mentally thinking the value of the sign is worth it and shipping isn't outrageous.   

5. SEO is everything!

Shop Title is not your shop name, but a brief description of the items you sell in your shop. 

Shop Announcement is intended tot be a note to customers that you can change for announcing news, sales, and other events customers should be informed about. Now remember, the first part is the description of your shop that shows up in Google searches, so always keep that in mind when writing your shop announcement. 

Tags: use all the tags you can and make them key phrases (not just words) that someone may search. Example: try not to use "blue" "coffee" "mug" but instead use "blue coffee mug" 

Listing Titles: make sure you also use key phrases in your listing titles, that gives them a better chance at being seen by customers when searching.

Want more info? Here's a link from Etsy on SEO 

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