5 ways to wear a Basic Tee

5 Ways to Wear a Basic Tee - With Guest blogger Shelby from Rummaging Through Life

Is it just me or did Spring arrive over night?! Here in ATL it is in the 70s and I am not complaining AT ALL {hello perfect weather} so what better way to celebrate this weather than with a guest blog post from Shelby at Rummaging Through Life on 5 Ways to Wear a Basic Tee. so read below & enjoy!  xoxo, Stacie


Basic t-shirts are a go to for me because they are so easy to style. Some of my favorite t-shirts are made by Stacie from her cute shop Rose Crown Co.

She has some SUPER cute stuff from apparel, drink ware, mugs, decor and more! I have a really cute coffee towel that matches my shirt that says "I drink coffee like a Gilmore", you may have seen it on my instagram. Also when you sign up to join her email list youll instantly receive a 15% code for ANYTHING on her site and receive any future freebies, coupons, and sales!

Here are my favorite ways to style a basic tee: 

1. This outfit is perfect for a coffee date with the hubby or the girls. Pairing this shirt with this funky necklace and high top converse is perfect for a day look. Add some cute booties and a leather jacket and it can transfer to a night look flawlessly.

                             - I drink coffee like a Gilmore -

                            - I drink coffee like a Gilmore -

2. add a long cardigan - this outfit is comfortable and perfect for running errands. Your still comfy while looking cute perfect for running around town - me in real life, don't mind my sweet tea. :)

                                - What she tackles she conquers -

                               - What she tackles she conquers -

3. This is one of my favorite looks! I know it looks like I’m wearing a skirt but it is actually a dress that easily pairs with a basic t-shirt. I wear this shopping, and to a lunch date with the hubby or friends. Tie a quick knot, throw on a skirt or a tight dress and you are good to go!


4. Pair with leggings and a hat - this look is perfect for those days I’m working from home, heading to the gym, walking the dogs, running errands or just relaxing.


5. A basic t-shirt and a cute jacket is my go to for casual Fridays at the office. It is still professional but also comfortable and casual.

                                - I drink coffee like a Gilmore -

                               - I drink coffee like a Gilmore -