DIY Marble Tray For Under $8

This marble serving tray is the first DIY project for the blog and it’s by far one of the easiest projects I’ve ever done and all for under $8 total to make, so clearly I had to share it with you! I’m sure you have been seeing white marble pretty much everywhere these days because let's be honest… it’s GORGEOUS! However if you are a renter like myself, you don’t get much say on the major home decor such as cabinets & counter tops, so you improvise by learning to accessorize with what you got. That is where this cute serving tray comes in handy in so many ways!

DIY marble serving tray.jpg


  • Marble tile from hardware store  (got this one from Home Depot for less than $3)

  • Drawer handles of your choice  (these were also from Home Depot for less than $3)

  • Extra Strength super glue

  • Ruler & marker (to measure the distance)

  • Felt sticky pads

  • Copper spray paint* (if wanted for handles)


Step 1 - First spray paint the handles if you are changing the color, give it about 20 minutes to dry.

Step 2 - While the handles are drying, place 4-6 felt sticky pads on the back of the tile spaced out evenly.

Step 3 - Use the ruler to measure the distance to place the handles, make a dot for where the handles will be placed

Step 4 - Glue the handles on the tile (covering the small dots you made) while holding them in place while they dry

Step 5 - Let the handles fully dry for 24 hours before using, so grab by the tile when first using.

Step 6 - Enjoy your new style tray!


This super easy DIY marble tray can be used in almost every room in your house, just see for yourself…

Use it as a snack tray for your living room when you have a guest or accent with fresh flowers on your coffee table. { check out the Happy Girls wine glass here }

Use the tray in your office to add some pretty to your desk!

Use it in your bathroom to hold some of your beauty items, while adding some glam to your counter space.

Warning: The tray is more for show, try not to use it so much as a serving tray for heavy items or walk around too much only holding by the handles.

If you have any questions at all please or want to see more easy low cost DIY projects please feel free to leave a comment to let me know. Happy crafting everyone!