FREE Weekly Meal Planner + Three Healthy Meals For A Day!

Free weekly menu planner.jpg

They say you shouldn't diet, but change your lifestyle because dieting has an end date... but thinking of quick easy HEALTHY meals can be challenging sometimes with your busy schedule, that's why planning ahead is so important! The best way to start planning is with a weekly menu planner to know what you need before going grocery shopping so you aren't tempted by unhealthy foods. Next is to spend an hour or two meal prepping for the whole week that way you do not have any excuse for overeating or undereating (aka snacks on snacks on snack) and knowing you aren't turning to unhealthy food that is "quick and easy" because that just means processed foods or junk food. I love using these contains because they are stackable and great space savers for the fridge. 

Here are a few of my go-to healthy {and easy} meals for a day!

so lately I have been on a coffee smoothie kick almost everyday, its quick, yummy, and has coffee which is always a plus for me!


coffee smoothies - half a banana, a cup of cold brew coffee, a cup of ice, chia seeds or ground flax seeds (optional: half a scoop of protein powder) 

- OR - 

Avocado rice cake - start with your favorite rice cake (I use these guilt free cakes) next slice the avocado to put onto of the rice cake, now for the most important part.... top with Everything But The Bagel (from Trader Joe's) it is AMAZING!


Power salad - spinach, quinoa, dried cranberries, sliced almonds, diced grape tomatoes, carrot shreds, topped with a little shredded cheese. (can also add chicken for more protein)


One pan sausage & veggies - cut up zucchini, yellow squash, and onions. Add seasoning and cook in the pan first. Well they are cooking cut up the sausage. When the veggies start to get soft that is when you add the sausage. (if you want the meal to be more filling you can add some quinoa... I have to do this for my husband) 

I would love see or hear what your favorite go-to meal prep recipe is, so go ahead comment below! I hope these menu planners help your daily struggle of "what to cook for dinner" a little easier and help you live a healthier & happier life.