Hocus Pocus Inspired Kitchen Towel

Hocus Pocus Inspired Kitchen Towel


Hocus Pocus is a must watch (ok re-watch) for the whole month of October and why not decorate your whole house for the watching festivities!

Choose from 3 different designs:

1. Oh look, another glorious morning... makes me sick!

2. Amuck Amuck Amuck

3. It's all just a bunch of hocus pocus

>>Designs are heat transferred onto 100% deluxe cotton flour sack kitchen towels, which ensures crisp lines and no fading of the design.

>>Machine washable in cold water and air dry to ensure long lasting design.

>>Towels may be ironed after washing, but please do not iron directly over design. Place a thin fabric between iron and design or iron the backside of the towel.

*These towels are meant to be decorative but could be used if you’d like.This is handmade and the design could possibly lift slightly after being dried. If this happens it can be fixed by placing thin fabric over the design and ironing it back into place.

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